Monthly Archives: August 2016

Harbour netting at Morston

Wednesday 31 Aug, 2016

Starting at the crack of dawn we lugged some heavy nets across the mud flats into the boat and followed the creaks to find our survey sites. We came off the boat and waded through thick mud to take the net out and round and then drew it back in, absolutely full of fish! We put them all in tubs and i... Continue Reading

Astely Eel release 2016

Tuesday 30 Aug, 2016

It was an extremely hot day when Astley Primary school year 5's joined us on the River Glaven for their eel release but they coped remarkably well in the harsh sun by spending most of their time splashing around in the ford, catching st... Continue Reading

Holt Village Primary

Children from Holt Community Primary joined us at Letheringsett Ford for their eel release by foot! They walked down in the glorious sunshine from school and took part in the kick sampling and food chains games to learn about... Continue Reading

Blakeney, Hindringham and Walsingham eel release

On Monday 4th July the Pilgrim Federation schools joined us for their eel release. We had KS1 join us in the morning for story time about "The journey of Elvis the Eel" followed by some kick sampling and invertebrate identification ... Continue Reading