Sunday 21 May, 2017

Sunday May 21st 11am – 3pm at Cley NWT Visitor Centre.

On World Fish Migration Day we will be celebrating the amazing lives and incredible journey of the critically endangered European eels which are found locally in the Glaven valley. Come and explore these fascinating creatures as well as learning about other forms of mysterious pond life.

Contact details for all of these: Mark Webster 07843 069 567 website

The life cycle of the European Eel

Some of the tiny vertebrates and invertebrates found in the River Glaven


Discover our very precious native species,the White Clawed Crayfish, protected by the River Glaven.


Come and learn some identification skills…this scary looking monster transforms into a beautiful dragonfly!

Everyone fell in love with the Springwatch Stickleback, Spineless Si. Well, the Glaven is packed with 3 spined and 9 spined sticklebacks. Come along and meet some!