Trimingham water interventions

Monday 29 Jan, 2018

Watch this timelapse video showing the design and construction of a large-scale silt trap that was installed at Trimingham, Norfolk in December 2017. The trap will capture and slow down polluted runoff,which will enable the sediment and suspended solids to settle out before the clean water is rel... Continue Reading

Silt traps at the Salle Estate, Norfolk

Thursday 5 Oct, 2017

The first monitoring results have arrived! Read the full case study to discover why the three silt traps at Salle were needed in the first place, and how they are faring so far in the battle to reduce diffuse pollution from agriculture.   This case study forms part of the WaterLIFE l... Continue Reading

Work Experience with Harriet

Thursday 20 Jul, 2017

The two weeks which I have spent working alongside the Norfolk Rivers Trust can be best described as a wholly captivating and immersive experience, with each day being as intriguing as the first! I have been fortunate enough to have worked at a variety of locations including the River Burn, Bayfield... Continue Reading

A proud moment in Norfolk Rivers Trust’s history.

Tuesday 16 May, 2017

The Glaven eel project, funded by HLF and administered by Norfolk Coast Partnership has been  a wholly excellent experience; we have learned so much about the plight of the European Eel and this project has allowed us to educate and encourage the local people to care for their chalk stream, the Riv... Continue Reading

Leaping into Spring!

Wednesday 29 Mar, 2017

Well, Spring has sprung (it's official because we've got daffodils and chiff chaffs and frog spawn) and that means everything jumps into action, including us! I have  been extremely busy arranging school trips, eels in classrooms, assemblies and family fishing events over the last couple of week... Continue Reading