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River Nar

The River Nar (west Norfolk) has, in recent years, been subject to extensive and intensive investigation relating to its management, nature conservation and fishery interest as well as determining how landowners and the general public treat and regard the river.  The investigations, subsequent consultations and attempts to implement rehabilitation measures, indicate an overwhelming high regard for the river and a desire to enable protection and improvements when, and wherever, possible.  The whole river is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

The way to a healthy river

Chalk-streams are globally rare river systems. Most flow through southern England. The River Nar is arguably Norfolk’s most unspoilt and beautiful chalk river. And yet it is not without its problems and challenges. This Plan is designed to help us preserve and enhance its rich and diverse ecology, to achieve what is termed “Good Ecological Status or Potential” (GES or GEP) under the European Water Framework Directive.

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