Start Date
August, 2014
End Date
September, 2014
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Glaven Bayfield new channel

At Bayfield, the River Glaven runs through a several hundred metre long brick tunnel, inhospitable to wildlife and difficult for fish to traverse.  We are replacing the tunnel with 1200 m of brand new river channel which will open in Autumn 2014.  The new channel design is based on the untouched remnants of natural chalk streams still found in Norfolk, and will be  winding and sinuous, shallow and deep, fast and slow, providing ideal habitat for all the species that should be found in and around a Norfolk chalk stream.  We anticipate that the new channel will colonise very quickly and we will be recording how the fish, plants and insects move in over the next few years.  Huge thanks to the Wild Trout Trust, Professor Richard Hey and the Environment Agency for making this one work!