Start Date
January, 2013
End Date
March, 2015
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Glaven Headwaters Silt Management

Silt is a major problem in Norfolk’s rivers, smothering the river bed and destroying fish and invertebrate habitat.  Large amounts enter the River Glaven all through the year, coming from road crossings, fords, farm tracks, drains and field margins.  Since 2013 we have been working with a number of farmers in the upper Glaven to reduce the run-off of silt into the river.  At various sites we have emptied old silt traps, restored ponds through which the river flows, improved field margins, moved field access points and even created a new wetland in a field corner which will trap both the silt itself and also phosphate from a nearby sewage treatment works.  This project has been part of the wider 9 Chalk Rivers project and as well as working with the area’s farmers we have been greatly assisted by University College London, Natural England and the Environment Agency.