Start Date
July, 2013
End Date
February, 2015
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River Babingley, Hillington

Despite centuries of modification, the upper Babingley remains one of the finest stretches of chalk river in Norfolk.  Between 2013 and 2015 we have worked to address a number of problems in 3 km of the upper river between Flitcham and West Newton.  We have removed five small weirs that were obstructing the migrations and movement of fish species, and modified a further three, meaning that fish can now move much more easily through the upper river.  We have also dug a new back-water channel, creating still-water habitat that houses a different range of plants and insects.  Finally we have worked through several hundred metres of straightened river channel creating a more natural channel shape, and increasing habitat diversity by using large pieces of wood in the river to break flows and create shelter.  We are monitoring the effects of this work on both fish and invertebrates very carefully and will report on progress once the site has fully recovered.