Start Date
June, 2014
End Date
June, 2014
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Snettisham River Ingol Woody Habitat Project

It is part of the Norfolk Rivers Trust’s mission to gain the active participation of the community. Stakeholders help us to set objectives, keep us informed about issues on the ground such as pollution and actively volunteer to make many more worthwhile projects possible. We started getting to know the River Ingol from November 2013.

An opportunity to restore a section of the River Ingol by improving habitat has already been identified and carried out close to Snettisham, and this project was be greatly aided by the help of volunteers. We would also like to thank the Environment Agency who managed to substantially support this project with man-power, despite the cuts which have greatly depleted their ability to carry out the excellent work which they do. Norfolk Rivers Trust are grateful for the help which landowners have given to make this project happen, and hope that more projects will be initiated in the near future.

Whilst the first stage of this project was completed in June 2014, we have gained permission from the Environment Agency to continue this project in the Autumn. There were 2 objectives of this project. The first was to enhance the wildlife value for groups such as fish, aquatic birds and insects. A family of ducks has already been seen sheltering in the extra cover! Dace spawning relies on this stretch of the river and will also be enhanced by this project. Woody material in the river enhances spawning because it creates a variety of fast and slow flows which are useful of use for different life stages of fish. In particular, narrowing an over-widened stream such as the Ingol, in places, allows gravels to be kept clear by water flow and this means that fish eggs will have access to well-oxygenated water and will not be smothered by silt. The second aspect of the project was to use alder faggots to protect banks which were eroding due to unnatural causes (variously unnaturally high flows and water plant removal from banks).


Volunteers and the EA helping to create the faggots


Faggots getting fixed into place to narrow the channel