Start Date
June, 2014
End Date
November, 2014
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River Nar, Emmanuel’s Common

Emmanuel’s Common Reconnection Project

The River Nar has been historically modified for human use, changing its channel size and shape, and in places the river’s course. These changes have negatively impacted on the wildlife of the river. The River Nar through Emmanuel’s Common has historically been used for water meadows to graze animals. The river has been deepened and straightened to enable drainage of the site and to increase water flow to power Newton Mill. By looking at historic maps and investigating on the ground you can see the old meandering channel through the woodland.

The project within the common has now been completed. We have delivered the restoration scheme as planned where we wanted to reconnect 600m of old channel constructing one new length of channel to make the meander sequence link up (see historic map).

For full details of the project please see Charles Rangeley-Wilsons website HERE. We would like to thank Norfolk Rivers Internal Drainage Board for carrying out the restoration work during November.

River Nar Emmanuel's Common River Nar Emmanuel's Common River Nar Emmanuels Common





Project aims to:

  • Reconnect the old meandering channel
  • Open up some of the channel by removing scrub to allow light in
  • Improve flow regime
  • Improve fish & invertebrate habitat
  • Improve aquatic and riparian plant habitat



For more information about the project please contact:

Helen Mandley

07788 377617


WWF, Coca cola videoOver the last 2 years we have been working in partnership with WWF and Coca-Cola to improve the health of the River Nar, in the Norfolk countryside, which is a site of special scientific interest, and in the healthiest stretches, is home to home to otters, water voles, trout and kingfishers. Please watch the video by clicking on the photo on the left.