Start Date
September, 2013
End Date
October, 2013
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River Nar, West Acre River Restoration

The Restoration Project

On Monday the 9 September 2013 river restoration started at West Acre. Norfolk Rivers Drainage Board and Cain Bio-Engineering have teamed up to restore a large section of the River Nar at West Acre. The in-channel restoration work has improved the channel by making it narrower, creating shelves for the sediment to be deposited on and improving the overall habitat for fauna and flora.

The West Acre river restoration was completed in October 2013 by Cain-Bio Engineering (designer), Norfolk Rivers IDB and Acorn Tree Services. You can already see the river depositing sediment and sand within the new features in the river channel.

Trees were selectively cut and positioned in the channel to form berms meandering the channel. These berms then act like sediment traps by slowing the water as it flows over the felled wood. These trees are then pinned into place with chestnut posts. You can see them in the left hand photo where they are waiting to be hammered into the river bed. All this work is being done by hand using a team of labourers and a chainsaw team.