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Norfolk Rivers Ecology (NRE) is a professional ecological consultancy offering expert aquatic-based restoration and conservation services across Norfolk.

Seeking the best ecological outcomes for our clients, the environment and the wider water ecosphere, our team of fully qualified, licenced and highly experienced ecologists deliver:

Surveys and monitoring

  • Otter, water vole and white-clawed crayfish surveys
  • Freshwater, saline and estuarine fish species’ surveys including electrofishing

Habitat assessments

  • River corridor and in-river walkovers
  • Impact assessments – Phase 1 and phase 2 habitat surveys
  • Aquatic re-wilding
  • Wetland feasibility studies


  • Mitigation for water quality issues and development
  • Mapping using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)


  • River, ditch and pond restoration and enhancement
  • River channel and wetland creation including Integrated Constructed Wetlands (ICWs)
  • Project management:
    • Surveys
    • Planning and design
    • Consents and licencing
    • Contractors
    • Site management and liaison
    • Delivery and implementation
    • Post-project monitoring and evaluation

Norfolk Rivers Ecology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Norfolk Rivers Trust. All profits received are passed straight to the charity to support NRT’s core work: to restore, protect and enhance the water environments of Norfolk.

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