Start Date
January, 2014
End Date
March, 2015
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River Burn, North Creake

It is part of the Norfolk Rivers Trust’s mission to gain the active participation of the community. Stakeholders help us to set objectives, keep us informed about issues on the ground such as pollution and actively volunteer to make many more worthwhile projects possible.

Norfolk Rivers Trust have recently started to work in the Burn catchment, and we were very pleased to receive over 80 people at our latest event at North Creake Village Hall.

An opportunity to restore a section of the River Burn by fixing a number of small faggots into the channel to vary the water flow. This project was completed earlier this year (2015). As soon as the faggots were put in place the water flow changed and now the river has a bit of variety in the flow.  Norfolk Rivers Trust are grateful for the help which The Creake Abbey Trust has given to make this project happen, and hope that more projects will be initiated in the near future.



River Burn with some natural in channel meanders


River Burn with a widened channel before restoration was completed


Faggots made one site to put into the river


Faggots in situ in the River Burn channel