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The chalk-fed River Burn flows through a low-lying catchment for 12.1 km before discharging into the salt marshes of Holkham National Nature Reserve (NNR).

Its source is close to the village of South Creake, and from here it travels through North Creake and Burnham Thorpe, before widening a little and reaching two watermills – Union Mill and Lower Mill – at Burnham Overy.

From here, the Burn widens further and enters Overy saltmarshes, where it eventually flows out to sea.

Creake Abbey spring

Lower Burn marsh

The river is classified by the Environment Agency as a “Highly Modified Waterbody”, a designation which recognises the long history of modifications that the Burn has received over several centuries – much of the course of the river has been altered by diverting it into straightened sections. In addition, there are various impoundments located along the river, which have the potential to reduce fish movement and migration.

If you would like to find out more about the Burn, the wildlife it supports, or the problems facing this river and the proposed solutions to these problems, please download our Catchment Plan.

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