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The River Glaven flows for 17 km through one of the most beautiful valleys in England. Rising from tiny headwaters in lower Bodham and Baconsthorpe, the main river begins just below Selbrigg Pond where three streams combine at the outfall. Thereafter, it descends through wooded hills of glacial debris and passes through lush countryside and picturesque flint villages. Finally, the river meets the sea behind Blakeney Point.

The Glaven is surrounded by arable land, coniferous plantations, grazing meadows and wetlands. The river is a haven for wildlife – providing a habitat for sea trout, white clawed crayfish, insects and invertebrates such as damselflies, dragonflies and hawkers. The critically endangered European Eel has also been recorded in this river.

The River Glaven

Glaven riffle

Listen to James Fisher’s ‘Chalk Stream Dreams‘, a record inspired by, and recorded whilst, walking the length of the River Glaven.

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