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A new recruit for NRT and the Water Sensitive Farming Initiative

We are delighted to be able to introduce our new team member, Sam Hurst. Sam will be working as a farm advisor across the Cam and Ely Ouse Catchment, as part of the third phase of the Water Sensitive Farming initiative (funded by the Coca-Cola and WWF Freshwater Partnership).

He said:

“I’m looking forward to working closely with the farming community to help improve their resilience to the environmental challenges they face around soil and water, whilst benefiting the health of our rivers. Having always lived and worked in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, I’m excited to help care for the diverse landscapes and unique watercourses.”

In his new role, Sam will be providing independent farm support and advice, as well as implementing flexible and targeted on farm-measures to improve soil health and water quality.

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