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Brown Trout Numbers rise on the River Nar!

The River Nar is one of Britain’s iconic chalk streams, which, like most rivers, has been altered and changed by man over the decades, impacting on the rare and unique wildlife. Norfolk Rivers Trust and the Water Management Alliance have been working over the last 4 years to restore it back to its original state. This has included using woody features to narrow the channel, moving gravels, removing weirs, and creating new stretches of river.

The Environment Agency have been surveying 3 sites on the River Nar for fish, recording the numbers and species found. From these results we can see that the number of Brown Trout in the river has increased since 2010, suggesting that the new habitats we have created are allowing the wildlife to flourish.

Norfolk Rivers Trust are continuing to work with the Water Management Alliance on the River Nar and are expanding to work on the Gaywood, Babingley, Ingol and Heacham, to restore and enhance these iconic chalk streams throughout Norfolk.

At each of the three sites trout numbers have steadily increased over five years. Over the sites trout numbers at Lexham has more than doubled over this time, followed closely by Castle Acre and Manor Farm.

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