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Reintroducing the Burbot – a webinar

Over the past six years, Norfolk Rivers Trust, along with a wide variety of partners and stakeholders, has been examining the feasibility and desirability of re-introducing burbot (Lota lota) – a recently extirpated native UK freshwater fish species – to part of its original range, in the Great Ouse Catchment.

Several years of ground-work, along with current support from Natural England and the Environment Agency, have brought the project to a point where delivery is feasible, with the support of a detailed planning and management plan.

Engaging with specialists and the general public is critical for species’ reintroductions. Therefore, a webinar was created with leading specialists, Dr Tom Worthington (Research Associate at Cambridge University), Ian Welby (Fish Health Specialist), and Dr Jonah Tosney (Operations Director of Norfolk Rivers Trust), to discuss the project in greater detail and to answer questions and ideas from other organisations and interested parties.

A full recording of the webinar was taken and can be viewed here.

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