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Water Sensitive Farming – Phase 3 is here

NRT are thrilled to announce a further 3 years of funding has been awarded to the Water Sensitive Farming (WSF) initiative – an endorsement of just how successful the project has been so far.

Since 2012, we have been working to improve soil and water by providing independent farm support and advice. So far, the WSF initiative (integrated with the catchment partnerships) has returned 1.2 billion litres of water back to the environment and has delivered mitigation and improvement measures in the following locations:

For the next phase of the project, 2018-2021, we will build and consolidate on this pioneering work by:

  • Continuing to forge strong relationships with farmers and landowners;
  • Reaching out to new farmers in key areas; and
  • Working more flexibly across other catchments, including North-West Norfolk and North Norfolk.

A huge thank you to the Coca-Cola Foundation, who has funded the project to date through the Coca-Cola Great Britain and WWF Partnership, along with targeted support from Tesco and Asda.

View WWF’s latest film on the project here.


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