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How can you keep your river healthy and clean? Part 4: Water users

In a series of short articles, we will provide advice on helping to maintain the health of our globally rare chalk streams and lowland rivers in Norfolk. In times of drought and hot weather, this is especially important because of the wildlife our rivers support; endangered white-clawed crayfish, brown trout, eels, and water voles are just a few of the iconic species at risk in Norfolk – and you can do your bit to help protect them!

Water users:

Did you know that if you visit any freshwater environment to dog walk, kayak, fish or even swim in, you could be spreading invasive species? There are a few animals and plants which are highly invasive and extremely damaging to our rivers. They latch on to dog fur, wellington boots and nets, and their eggs or seeds can be carried on paddle boards, fishing nets and any other equipment. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that after each trip to a watercourse or lake you follow the ‘Check. Clean. Dry‘ procedure to stop the spread.

  • Check your equipment for any obvious animals.
  • Clean your equipment with hot soapy water.
  • Dry your equipment for at least 48 hours before entering another watercourse.

Find out which species are considered to be invasive here.

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If you are a landowner with riparian land and would like to talk to us about restoration and rewilding, please do get in touch with us at Norfolk Rivers Trust. We offer a wide range of services including surveys, restoration and management advice. Email [email protected]


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