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Cam & Ely Ouse (CamEO) Catchment Partnership

The Cam and Ely Ouse Catchment is co-hosted by Anglian Water and the Rivers Trust. The group is comprised of many organisations including Cambridgeshire County Council, the CLA, the Environment Agency, National Farmers UnionNatural England, the RSPB, and the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

The group, led by CaBA Project Manager Martin Bowes, have now produced a catchment plan, available to download below, and intend to work together to improve the future of the rivers. These rivers include the Cam, Lark, Little Ouse, Wissey and Thet.

The collective CamEO partnership contains several sub-catchment partnerships such as the Little Ouse and Thet.

For more information, visit the CamEO Catchment Partnership website.

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