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River restoration at Pentney

Restoring the Nar at Pentney

Work has taken place to improve the habitat diversity and wildlife at a heavily modified section of the River Nar between Pentney Abbey and Blackborough End, with steep flood banks and a featureless character.


The project was completed in March 2015 and included:

  • Re-profiling to create a shallower bank – This work will enable vegetation to grow and establish more easily, encouraging a greater variety of species.
  • The creation of riffles and bars – These will vary the water flow and create niches for flora and fauna, which thrive in fast flowing, shallow waters with a gravel bed.
  • Removal of timber revetments and flow deflectors and installation of woody debris – The removal of these man-made structures will create a more natural state.
  • Install brushwood faggots into the channel – The faggots (bundles of wood) will protect the newly formed bars that narrow the channel, otherwise they could erode quickly if not reinforced. The faggots will eventually be hidden by the deposited material and macrophyte growth.
  • Install large woody debris – These installations will provide areas of protected water for fish and their fry to seek refuge. The woody debris will also vary the flow of the water and help narrow the channel.

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