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Riverside Gardening for Your Local Wildlife & Water

‘Riparian zones’ are the transitional areas between bodies of water and the land around them. When healthy, they can provide a range of ecosystem services for people and wildlife, such as flood risk mitigation, carbon storage, water quality improvement and habitat enhancement.

If you own an area of land, whether it be a garden, a smallholding, a woodland or a farm,  you will have rights and responsibilities for the riverbank and riverbed. This means that your actions can directly, and positively, impact these wonderful habitats.

To help you navigate the care and regulations surrounding sensitive river habitats, Norfolk Rivers Trust, in collaboration with the Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers Landscape Partnership Scheme (BFER), has produced a Riverside Gardening for Your Local Wildlife & Water guide.

Learn how low-maintenance, low-cost riverside gardens can be invaluable for us, our waterways, native wildlife, and the climate here.


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