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Sheringham Community Primary eel release

Today 82 year 5 pupils at Sheringham Community Primary school released 30 young eels into the River Glaven from the platform at Natural Surroundings

Earlier in the term, the school was provided with a tank and some glass eels as part of the Glaven Eel project funded by HLF and Norfolk Coast Partnership. The school fattened them up whilst learning about their fascinating life cycle, preparing the glass eels for life in the River Glaven. They’ll live here in the freshwater for anywhere between 7 and 20 years, feeding on invertebrates before returning to the Sargasso sea to spawn.

The release follows some restoration work conducted in the stretch of river at Natural Surroundings where, with the help of a tree surgeon, Norfolk Rivers Trust felled some appropriate sized trees into the river, thus providing some great new habitat for the invertebrates to breed, in turn providing an excellent food source for eels and trout.

Little is known about these mysterious fish and their dramatic decline in numbers is a terrifying prospect. We hope that by raising awareness of these lovable rogues, we will spread a little more care and respect for our water catchments and for the biodiversity that lies within.

Fattened up and ready to take on the world... well, starting in the Glaven!

So colourful... eels truly are misunderstood. We love them!

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