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Successful project completed on the Heacham

Yesterday we completed our latest project at Heacham Lavender Mill, transforming a silty, straightened and over-grazed section of river into what will soon be a very attractive bit of chalk river.  Working with Dr Nigel Holmes, the Environment Agency and fourteen Norfolk Rivers Trust staff and volunteers we have re-sculpted the banks to encourage a more natural flow pattern and also created a few hundred metres of floodplain-type habitat.

Over the course of two days the volunteers planted 2500 plugs of native English chalk-stream plants including purple loosestrife, meadowsweet, marsh marigold, lesser pond sedge and fleabain along the bank.  These plants will take hold over the next few months and provide a riot of colour as well as great habitat for insects and possibly water voles.  The owners and staff of the Lavender Mill helped enormously by removing old fencing and replacing it to keep livestock out, planting trees along the new banks and providing cappuccinos to the work force.  Many thanks to all involved, especially our volunteers David, Julia, Anne, Jenny, Anita, Terry, June and Nigel.

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