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Bankable Nature Solutions: Ingoldisthorpe Wetland is a shining example

The ‘Ingoldisthorpe Wetland Creation’ project, funded by Anglian Water and delivered in partnership by ourselves and the Environment Agency, has been used as a shining example of how investment in nature-based solutions can generate a financial return, whilst importantly, providing a positive impact for nature, people and climate.

The report, titled ‘Bankable Nature Solutions: Blueprints from across the globe to adapt to and mitigate climate change and help our living planet to thrive’, has been produced by WWF as an introduction to ‘Bankable Nature Solutions’. The report features 13 case studies from across the world, one of which is the Ingoldisthope Wetland, to demonstrate the types of projects that can be implemented, covering many themes such as water and sanitation, forestry, climate-smart agriculture, environmental protection and renewable energy in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

Why is this needed?

As documented in the report, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were established to address the challenges we currently face, however, there is currently a huge gap in the funding required to achieve this, with a deficit running into trillions of US$. Furthermore, for just one element of the SDGs – the preservation and restoration of ecosystems – the required investment is estimated to be between US$300 – 400 billion. Presently, the level of investment is at US$52 billion, which governments and philanthropy will not be able to fill alone.

Therefore, the report aims to demonstrate to global landscape practitioners, investors and investees that ‘Bankable Nature Solutions’ can generate a financial return and achieve positive impact, whilst being an effective solution to ensuring that the SDGs are met.

Find out more by reading the World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) full report.

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