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Glaven Beaver Project: crowdfunder launched

Beavers were once distributed widely across Norfolk, and signs of our shared heritage can still be seen including beavers on village signs and the discovery of giant beaver fossils along the coast.

These native animals were hunted to extinction in Norfolk as recently as 400 years ago for their dense fur and the valuable oil from their scent glands. With their disappearance, we lost an important part of our natural heritage, alongside a species that is pivotal in maintaining the health of our freshwater ecosystems.

With rivers facing many challenges, and biodiversity plummeting at an alarming rate, we are delighted to be launching an exciting project to reintroduce beavers into a fully secure, 6-hectare enclosure within the upper reaches of the river Glaven in North Norfolk.

Why beavers?

Beavers are recognised as ‘ecosystem engineers’ and ‘keystone’ species due to their dam-building ability. Beaver dams create complex and diverse habitats that allow a wide array of native species including amphibians, insects, reptiles, fish, birds and plants to thrive.

Furthermore, beaver dams can filter out sediment and other pollutants, store water to reduce flood and drought risk, and improve infiltration to the chalk aquifer – which is where much of our drinking water comes from!

Project details

We have already completed the majority of the initial work including securing the land, completing a feasibility study, raising funding for fencing the enclosure and submitting the licence application to Natural England.

What can you do to help?

We have launched a crowdfunder to raise the final £5,000 required to secure a pair of UK health checked beavers, and also to expand our research and maintenance programme.

Closing on the 17th May, there are a variety of rewards to be claimed including the naming of the beavers, attending the exclusive release event, and receiving a wood cutting from these industrious animals!

For more info or to donate, please visit our crowdfunder page.


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