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BFER: Riparian Landowner Advice

BFER: Riparian Landowner Advice

As part of the ‘Restoring the Water: Supporting Species and Habitats’ element of the Brecks Fen Edge & Rivers Landscape Partnership Scheme (BFER), a ‘Riparian Landowner Advice’ project has been established. The aim is to provide a joined-up approach for delivering bespoke land management advice for the Brecks’ riparian landowners, adding value to existing stewardship at a time of significant change.

Developing a steering group with partner organisations, this project will be piloted over a 3-year period.

It will create a legacy of landowners more aware of the natural heritage assets they manage, more able to access support and funding to manage those assets, and a network of advisory organisations more able to work effectively in partnership to deliver bespoke advice in the Brecks Landscape.

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