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Flood risk management: Slowing the flow

A section of a River Wensum tributary, which had previously been dredged, embanked and re-aligned, has been restored as part of a wider Natural Flood Management and Habitat Improvement project.

Several restoration measures were implemented to improve the geomorphological fuction and ecological condition of the river (see download to view map in detail) including:

  • the lowering of banks to reconnect the river to its floodplain;
  • the reinstatement of historic meanders;
  • the creation of new meanders and berms;
  • the installation of leaky log jams and woody debris to hold up water; and
  • and the construction of an oxbow lake.

These measures will allow for more natural flooding, water storage and drainage, and hopefully reduce the risk of downstream flooding.

This project was completed in partnership with the Environment Agency and with the generous support of a landowner.

Prior to works, several monitoring surveys were carried out to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current ecological status. These included:

  • Plant surveys – bankside, river margin and in-channel;
  • Hydromorphology studies;
  • Electro-fishing;
  • Invertebrate surveys; and
  • Flow measuring.

Post-project monitoring will be carried out and updates will be posted.

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