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The Hun: Wetland creation and river restoration

The Hun: Wetland creation and river restoration

Wetland creation and focused river improvement has been completed along a section of the river Hun to improve habitat and water quality.

The Hun is a chalk stream of just 6km, flowing from its source in Hunstanton Park to its mouth in Holme Dune National Nature Reserve (NNR). Work involved the excavation of 3 shallow scrapes, a ditch backwater, and the creation of a new wetland – by diverting a ditch to allow a naturally low-lying area of land to seasonally fill with water. Field drains that originally flowed into the Hun and ditch were blocked to further wet the area, while improving the quality of water reaching the river.

In addition, logs and woody material were placed in the main river channel to constrict flow, thus creating habitat for fish and invertebrates.

Dr Jonah Tosney, Technical Director at Norfolk Rivers Trust,  says:

“The positive impact that the new wetland habitat is having on bird and wildlife is already exceeding our expectations.”

In just 6-weeks since work was completed, the following birds have already been spotted visiting the wetland areas: swallows, oystercatchers, snipe, marsh harrier, spoonbill, egret, shoveller, avocet, shellduck, gadwall, stonechat, house martin, wheatear, lapwing, redshank and sparrowhawk.

Installing woody debris upstream

Guided walk along the river Hun

This work was completed as part of the Norfolk’s Two Chalk Rivers – Restored, Revitalised, Resilient project, funded by the Government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund.

The fund was developed by Defra and its Arm’s-Length Bodies. It is being delivered by The National Lottery Heritage Fund in partnership with Natural England, the Environment Agency and Forestry Commission.

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