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Lark walkovers: Work at Ampton Estate

Lark walkovers: Work at Ampton

In winter 2019, we conducted walkovers of the River Lark and its tributaries, as part of a project funded by the Environment Agency, to identify catchment issues including diffuse and point sources of pollution.

Following on from this, NRT farm advisers developed plans for on-farm opportunities, one being at the Ampton Estate which drains a catchment area of approximately 250 hectares, and is hydrologically connected to the River Lark (via ‘Blackmoor Bottom’, which runs through the farm holding, and Culford Stream, which directly feeds into the Lark).

‘Blackmoor bottom’ tributary

Risk map of Culford stream with Blackmoor Bottom tributary highlighted. The SCIMAP model identifies areas that are at risk of erosion (red and orange = greatest risk). Contains OS Data © Crown copyright and database right 2018

A detailed farm visit was undertaken with the landowner at Ampton Estate to further explore issues associated with surface run-off, land drain outputs and the ‘flashy’ flow of Blackmoor Bottom – which was leading to the flooding of fields and a highway during extreme rainfall events, as well as the erosion of a downstream gateway.

Informed by on-ground knowledge and risk mapping, measures to improve water quality, and to provide other benefits, were proposed.

Read the full case study.

Large silt trap (pre-planting)

Large silt trap (top end)

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