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Norfolk Non-Native Species Initiative

Norfolk Non-native Species Initiative

Norfolk Rivers Trust has joined the Norfolk Non-Native Species Initiative (NNSI), ran by the Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership.

The NNSI was launched in 2008 and has the following aims:

  • Collating and monitoring data on the distribution and spread of non-native species in the county;
  • Developing action plans to address the species of most urgent concern;
  • Facilitating control and eradication projects at high priority sites; and
  • Promoting awareness of the risks and impacts associated with non-native species.

Norfolk is particularly vulnerable to invasive species as it has a high number of waterways, which act as vectors for non-native seeds, animals and plant fragments. Although an important part of the county’s economy, tourism brings a high number of visitors to the Norfolk Broads and the North Norfolk Coast. These visitors can inadvertently spread non-natives through contact with other water environments from clothing, footwear, boats, fishing equipment and bicycle wheels.

Once invasive species have got a handle on an area, they can be extremely difficult to eradicate, leading to huge clean-up and mitigation costs, damage to infrastructure and environmental degradation.

Visit the Norfolk Non-native Species website for more information.


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