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Riverscape East Anglia

Riverscape East Anglia, a project supported by Aviva in partnership with WWF-UK, aims to build healthier, more resilient river catchments through Natural Flood Management systems

Climate change is already having visible effects across the world, with the frequency of extreme weather events and storm surges increasing. Accordingly, the risk and likelihood of flooding events from all sources (rivers, sea, surface water, groundwater, reservoirs and sewers) is rising.

Being a coastal and low-lying county – coupled with ongoing urbanisation, the intensification of agriculture and modification of watercourses – means that Norfolk is particularly vulnerable to flooding. According to the Norfolk Resilience Forum, 42,500 properties are “potentially at risk of flooding.”

With the need to protect communities from the fast-increasing risk of flooding due to climate change, Natural Flood Management, a Nature-based Solutions, plays a crucial role in mitigating flood risk and managing the impact to people and wildlife. Riverscape East Anglia aims to reduce flooding through natural solutions, whilst addressing additional challenges associated with degraded ecosystems and declining biodiversity.

Project aims

Our approach will involve:

  • Working with partners, stakeholders and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to identify areas with a history of flooding and/or flood risk.
  • Implementing catchment-scale Natural Flood Management measures to hold water on the land in the right place and help recharge the aquifers that underpin much of our public water supply (including wetland creation, tree planting and floodplain reconnection).
  • Providing volunteering and educational opportunities (such as walks, activity days, practical conservation days and knowledge-exchange events) for local communities, farmers and landowners to raise the profile of Natural Flood Management and Nature-based Solutions, as well as the multiple benefits they can provide.

Our team is currently reviewing data and selecting sites where investment in Natural Flood Management is most needed.

Please contact Stephen Walker, our Nature-based Solutions Officer, for more information: [email protected] / 07538 720522.

This project is funded by Aviva in partnership with WWF-UK, who are working with communities in the UK to build healthier and more resilient ecosystems that help reduce the risk of climate-related natural disasters and create wider benefits for people. You can read more about the partnership here.

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