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Stopping the silt: River Wissey restoration & enhancement

Stopping the silt: River Wissey restoration & enhancement

In a project funded by the Environment Agency, Norfolk Rivers Trust (NRT) have been working to reduce sediment mobilisation within the catchment. Measures were carefully identified following the completion of a walkover survey along the River Wissey, and were taken forward in agreement with landowners across four landholdings.

In total, the measures covered 5.7km of the river and included:

  • Bank reprofiling to stabilise and protect eroding banks
  • Installation of new fencing set further back to protect banks and ditches from livestock
  • Enhancement of cattle crossings to firm up and protect the river bed
  • Installation of splays and slip rails to restrict cattle movements
  • Removal of failing timber revetments
  • Installation of woody debris to protect eroding banks and improve river flow
  • Installation of pre-planted coir rolls to protect eroding banks
  • Installation of pasture pumps, solar pumps and drinking troughs
  • Installation of cross drains to firm up in-field cattle crossing points
  • Off line sediment trap
  • Installation of cross drains along trackways

Before works - cattle poaching and crossing causing siltation

After works - fencing with sliding gates and gravel to control and stabilise crossing point


NRT are extremely grateful to the landowners who were involved in this project and their willingness for these works to take place. NRT are keen to continue to work closely with these landowners and build on the goodwill fostered through this project to deliver further water quality improvements across the wider catchment.

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