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Walkovers of the Lark and Little Ouse river catchments

Walkovers of the Lark and Little Ouse river catchments

Walkovers have taken place in the Lark and Little Ouse river catchments to determine the status of diffuse pollution in these areas. Funded by the Environment Agency, the overall aim of the project is to prevent further deterioration to the river, and to significantly improve the ecological condition of the river systems.

Bankside walkovers have identified significant sources of diffuse pollution, and these include:

  • Arable – from surface run-off, field drains, drainage pipes and bank erosion.
  • Livestock – from surface and farmyard run-off, poaching and trampling.
  • Conduits – from roads, fords and bridges, tracks, pipes and ditches.
  • In-stream works – from dredging, bankside clearance and revetments.
  • Non-agricultural – from water recycling centres, construction works, bank erosion, industrial estates and urban areas.

Currently, a report is being drawn up which will outline appropriate mitigation measures and timescales required to resolve these issues, and these will be ranked in order of priority. Measures range from physical interventions such as installing silt traps or changing land management practice, through to educational and knowledge-exchange opportunities such as farm advisory visits and demonstration events.

Practical works will begin in 2020 and will continue until 2023.

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