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North West Norfolk Catchment Partnership


As part of the national Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) movement, the North West Norfolk Catchment Partnership (NWNCP) brings together communities, organisations and businesses at a river catchment scale with a shared common goal of protecting and enhancing our water environment.

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Vision and opportunities

Our vision is to have natural, healthy aquatic landscapes with thriving wildlife, while supporting local industry and agriculture. We envisage more access to the public for well-being and recreation.

As a group, we have identified the top 3 current challenges facing our river catchment:

  • Physical modification of river channels – negatively impacting the flow regime, wildlife and groundwater recharge.
  • Pollution from rural areas – including run-off from agricultural land and road verge damage.
  • Pollution from towns, cities and transport – including industrial waste, wastewater and litter.

These challenges are a priority for action.

Forward look

The NWNCP has identified the following top challenges facing the catchment from 2020 to 2050:

  1. Changes to natural flow and water levels
  2. Pollution from wastewater
  3. Pollution from towns, cities, and transport

Work is currently taking place on the river Hun to establish new areas of wet habitat in the form of scrapes and pools to ‘slow the flow’ of water and encourage groundwater recharge, while providing more diverse freshwater habitat for wildlife.

To find out more or get involved, please contact Ursula at [email protected]

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